Gathering Stakeholder Perspectives on Renewable Energy Priorities Articulated in SB 966

Dominion Energy has contracted with Meridian Institute to design and facilitate a stakeholder engagement process that will focus on issues set forth in the recently enacted SB 966 Electric Utility Regulation, Grid Modernization, and Energy Efficiency Act. This will include gathering perspectives on potential improvements to: a) existing solar energy net metering programs; b) the pilot programs for community solar development; c) expanding options for customers with corporate clean energy procurement targets; and d) overcoming impediments to the siting of new renewable energy projects. This process will be executed in collaboration with the Governor’s Office, and the findings will also serve as input into development of the Virginia Energy Plan.

July 10 Public Kickoff Meeting for the Virginia Solar and Wind Energy Stakeholder Engagement Process

On Tuesday, July 10, 2018 Meridian held a Public Kickoff Meeting in Richmond, VA to present and gather feedback on the planned approach and the questions that served as the focus for collecting stakeholder perspectives on renewable energy priorities articulated in SB 966. Click here for the Meeting Summary

Save the Date: August 28 Public Forum

During July and August, Meridian will conduct a stakeholder engagement process to gather perspectives on SB 966 renewable energy priorities. On Tuesday, August 28, Meridian will convene a Public Forum to review information collected through the stakeholder engagement process and solicit additional feedback. Information regarding time and location for the Public Forum, as well as a registration form, will be shared at a later date.

Getting Involved: Express Interest in Participating in the Stakeholder Engagement Process 


The stakeholder engagement process will include a series of stakeholder group meetings. Meridian has tentatively identified the following list of stakeholder categories:

    • Solar energy industry and advocacy organizations
    • Wind energy industry and advocacy organizations
    • Organizations representing other energy sources
    • Environmental and environmental justice organizations
    • Business associations and large customers
    • Historic preservation and land use organizations
    • Advocacy Groups for energy affordability for residential customers 
    • Local governments
    • Virginia Electricity providers

Unaffiliated individuals will be provided an opportunity to share input. 

To express interest in participating in the stakeholder engagement process, please fill out the online form at