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The Czech Republic is, according to this article, one of a handful of countries at the forefront of nanofiber technology. Now, an international team of nanotechnology experts, including some Czech engineers, have created a website, the Nanofibers Gateway portal (www.Nafigate.com), which provides visitors...
The government of Sri Lanka is establishing a nanotechnology park to improve the capability, scope, and international competitiveness of Sri Lanka's nanotechnology industry. According to the article, the park will be built within five years with equal funding contributions from the public and private...
A recent survey conducted of approximately 100 nanotech companies in Israel showed that, despite the global economic downturn, nanotechnology companies have not laid off employees. The study also found that not only has there been a 10 percent growth in demand for chemists and chemical and research...
AmBev, Brazil's largest private consumer goods producer and the largest brewery in Latin America, will be incorporating U.S. company Industrial Nanotech, Inc.'s line of Nansulate industrial coatings into its plant maintenance program. Francesca Crolley of Industrial Nanotech said, "Large...
In this op-ed, Sonia Arrison, director of Technology Studies at the Pacific Research Institute in California, says that "light" government regulation combined with strong self-regulation is the best method to ensure that nanotechnology continues to advance. Arrison says that calls for stronger...
This article says that yesterday at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on nanotechnology and economic development, U.S. senators expressed interest in increasing funding to spur nanotechnology commercialization. The hearing took place on the heels of a bill...
This editorial from the Socialist Worker, a British anti-capitalist newspaper, says that social movements favoring strong safety standards for workers handling nanoparticles are critical to maximizing the benefits of nanotechnology. The editorial says that capitalist nations are investing heavily in...
U.S. company BioQuest Technologies, Inc., has announced that it will develop an application of its nanotechnology-based antimicrobial product BioShield 75 to treat microbial problems arising in homes, businesses, and public facilities due to hurricane damage. BioQuest’s Arne Rotne said: “....
Thailand plans to expand its nanotechnology strategy into the energy and agriculture sectors after achieving success in the first phase of its national nanotechnology policy. The policy, launched in 2007, has been a success initially in the textile, chemical and medical sectors, according to Sirirurg...
This article, by Jayashree Vivekanandan, a senior research associate at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, India, asks the question: Can nanotechnology improve public health? Vivekanandan argues that nanotechnology's potential to improve public health will be maximized only with a conducive...