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Meridian Institute

Delaware Estuary Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Revision

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The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is leading and coordinating a multi-year effort to revise the Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary, originally created in 1996 as the founding document for the Delaware Estuary Program. Utilizing existing work and information, the revised Plan will incorporate input from a diverse set of experts and partners, vetted by stakeholders in the region and reflective of priorities identified by the Partnership and its partners.

To ensure the process benefits from the best available expertise, Meridian Institute is providing process advice and strategic guidance to the Partnership, with a focus on maximizing the engagement and commitment of key partners, including federal, state, and local agency representatives. Meridian’s unique role in the process will be to recognize opportunities and recommend strategies and approaches to address strategic issues throughout the revision process, and to engage core partners in their resolution, for maximum commitment to and ownership of the content of the Plan. To accomplish this, Meridian conducts interviews with core agency partners to identify priorities and concerns; provide process design advice  and facilitation for a series of convenings that address goals, strategies, and actions; and provide advice and mediation support to achieve consensus among core partners to approve the final Plan.