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Meridian Institute

Expansion of the High Carbon Stock Assessment (HCSA) Methodology

External Project Site: highcarbonstock.org/
Related: Agriculture and Food Systems, Environment and Natural Resources

Meridian is the lead partner on a substantial grant from Partnerships for Forests (P4F) to expand and improve the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) methodology and work with the High Conservation Value Resource Network (HCV-RNHCV-RN) to develop an integrated technical assessment protocol and quality assessment program.

In 2015 and 2016, Meridian and Jim Leape, former WWF International Executive Director, convened and facilitated successful negotiations between HCSA members and other supply chain companies. This current grant from P4F is supporting implementation of that convergence agreement and technical integration with the HCV approach. With support from P4F, Meridian and our partners—HCSA, HCVRN, Proforest, and Forest Peoples Programme—will deliver the following (to be completed by July 2018):

  • Convergence agreement and updated HCSA toolkit v.2 that reflects that agreement;
  • Technical integration between HCSA and HCV-RN, focused on an integrated assessment manual, assessor training and licensing, and quality assurance program;
  • Recommendations for how HSCA should approach use of its methodology in high forest cover landscapes (update: in May 2017, HCSA decided to utilize the same methodology and assessment criteria for high forest cover landscapes that it does for fragmented landscapes);
  • Recommendations for how HCSA should approach use of its methodology with and by smallholders and small producers (with an initial focus on palm oil production);
  • Recommendations to HCSA on incorporating social requirements for oil palm development into the HCSA methodology and toolkit;
  • Recommendations to HCSA and HCV-RN on how they can best support long-term protection of HCSA forests and HCV areas; and
  • Coordinated and transparent decision making, leading to legitimate and durable agreements.

Please contact Shelly Foston or John Ehrmann for more information.