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Meridian Institute

Expansion of the High Carbon Stock Assessment (HCSA) Methodology

External Project Site: highcarbonstock.org/
Related: Agriculture and Food Security, Environment and Natural Resources

Meridian is the prime contractor on a £1.2 million grant from the Partnership for Forests (DFID funding). Meridian’s implementation partners on the grant are the High Carbon Stock Approach, Proforest, Forest Peoples Programme, and High Carbon Value Research Network. The purpose is to advance work to help companies operationalize their zero-deforestation supply chain commitments.

The work being conducted under this grant is focused on:

·         Advancing the HCSA methodology and toolkit for operationalizing no deforestation commitments in moist tropical forests;

·         Technical integration with the High Conservation Value Resource Network assessment manual and quality assurance process;

·         Application of the HCSA methodology and toolkit for use with smallholders and small producers;

·         Development and testing of social requirements for oil palm plantation development;

·         Exploration and articulation of incentives for long-term protection of high carbon stock and high conservation value areas;

·         Transparent and durable agreements stemming from good process.

  • Decided to prohibit deforestation by companies in areas considered high carbon stock forests. This has huge consequences for the countries facing development challenges

  • Currently struggling with how to adapt the methodology to work with smallholders and how to ensure long-term protection of these areas

  • Focused on partnerships with companies and communities on the ground in Africa and SE Asia

  • There is significant funding towards enabling conditions

  • BEIS is not formally a partner, but they will be in the future and will bring a focus on Latin America to the program