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Meridian Institute

Global Alliance for the Future of Food

External Project Site: www.futureoffood.org
Related: Agriculture and Food Security

​Meridian Institute is supporting the work of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, which is a network of foundations committed to leveraging their resources to help shift food and agriculture systems toward greater sustainability, security, and equity. The Global Alliance represents more than 30 foundations, from 10 countries, with diverse interests and expertise, spanning health; agriculture; food; conservation; cultural diversity; and community well-being. Participating in this effort, among others, are the California Endowment, Christensen Fund, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, GRACE Communications Foundation, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, McKnight Foundation, New Field Foundation, and Oak Foundation.

At the core of the Global Alliance is a shared belief in the urgency of advancing sustainable global agriculture and food systems. As an alliance of foundations, the group can bolster global efforts through long-term thinking; integrated approaches; listening and learning from those on the ground; sharing effective practices; mobilizing networks of diverse stakeholders, including government, civil society organizations, social movements, the private sector, and academia; and the thoughtful stewarding of charitable, investment, and human resources.

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