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Meridian Institute

Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management Workshop

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

In May 2006, Meridian Institute facilitated a workshop in Washington, DC, on whether and how the concept of adaptive management (AM) could be used in the St. Lawrence River watershed. The workshop was organized and convened by the International Joint Commission, a six-person committee with US and Canadian members that works to prevent and resolve issues relating to the water bodies that separate the two countries. Adaptive management was seen as one way to address new interests associated with water-level management in the St. Lawrence River watershed—interests such as a desire to enhance environmental values, address recreational boating interests, and increase economic returns (i.e., from power generation).


The goal of the workshop was to develop a clear vision for a feasible, practical, and effective way to frame an AM approach, including elements such as AM drivers, components, and processes; information needs; and stakeholder collaboration and partnerships. Participants included key parties such as the International St. Lawrence River Board of Control, the National Research Council, and local representatives of the major jurisdictions along the river.


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