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Meridian Institute

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

External Project Site: www.millenniumassessment.org/en/Index.aspx
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Launched by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan in June 2001, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) employed the skills of nearly 1,200 leading scientists from more than 100 nations to conduct assessments that focused on: (1) the impact of current and historical ecosystem trends on human well-being; (2) options for conserving and managing ecosystems in ways that contribute to human welfare; and (3) projections of scenarios for change in ecosystems and human well-being. The MA identified priorities for action and provided tools for planning and management, among other outcomes. It enabled institutions to make informed decisions concerning ecosystems and their impacts on people, ultimately reducing habitat loss and increasing the social and economic contribution of ecosystem goods and services.


Meridian Institute was a member of the international Secretariat team that supported the work of the MA. Specifically, Meridian partnered with the World Resources Institute to support the international oversight board, which was comprised of leaders from international governmental organizations, the private sector, academia, and NGOs. Meridian also facilitated the design and implementation of an extensive engagement and outreach strategy with diverse stakeholders. In addition, Meridian provided facilitation and logistical support and coordination for the community of MA experts throughout the assessment and at more than 31 core meetings held in developing and developed countries throughout the world.


The reports of the MA have been widely distributed globally, and the conceptual framework and findings of the MA are providing the foundation for further exploration and use of the ecosystem services approach in decision making by governments, NGOs, and the private sector.