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Meridian Institute

National Critical Infrastructure Sector Coordination: Water Sector

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Meridian facilitated a working group of members from the private and public sectors to develop, as an addendum to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, a Sector Specific Plan for drinking water and wastewater utilities in the United States. The joint working group was made up of a writing team from the Environmental Protection Agency and members of the Water Sector Coordinating Council and Water Sector Government Coordinating Council.


Meridian facilitated numerous working group meetings during 2006 to discuss and refine the Water and Wastewater Sector Specific Plan. Some of the specific topics for discussion and strenuous debate included a vision and set of security goals for the sector, definition of “assets” within the sector, and how best to recognize and characterize security-related achievements by various organizations within the water sector. Meridian worked with the writing team and other work group members individually and as a group to facilitate successful completion of the document review and revision process.

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