Jennifer Pratt Miles, Senior Mediator and Program Manager

Jennifer Pratt Miles joined Meridian Institute in 1999 and is now a Senior Mediator and Program Manager. At Meridian, Ms. Pratt Miles has focused on providing neutral, third-party facilitation for community-based, regional, national, and international processes involving public policy issues. These projects have addressed adaptive management, agriculture, citizen involvement in decision making, endangered species, forestry, health, land use planning, and watershed management and restoration. Participants in these projects have included representatives from business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Prior to joining Meridian, Ms. Pratt Miles served as director of an independent, nonprofit initiative called Shaping Our Summit. In this capacity, she was responsible for strategic planning, resource development, financial management, program development, volunteer coordination, and facilitation of community projects and forums. Ms. Pratt Miles also previously worked as coordinator of the Juvenile Diversion Program of the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office of Colorado and served as an intern at the African Housing Fund in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ms. Pratt Miles holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Bowdoin College. Her training includes completion of a one-year course with the Community Resource Center on Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and two seminars—The Mediation Process and Resolving Public Policy Conflicts—through the Center for Dispute Resolution.