Liz Duxbury, Senior Project Coordinator

Liz Duxbury is a Senior Project Coordinator at Meridian Institute with 15 years of experience providing logistical support and professional meeting coordination services. Since joining Meridian in 2010, she has actively supported teams working with the Norwegian International Forest and Climate Initiative (NICFI); the Community and Regional Resilience Initiative; the Agroforestry Roundtable Workshops; and the BP Gulf Oil Spill Commission. She also supported a team at Meridian that managed the development of a joint analysis between two scientific author teams, which involved uncovering and resolving differing findings on carbon emissions from tropical deforestation.

Prior to joining Meridian, Ms. Duxbury held various positions at Vail Resorts working on event planning and project coordination. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Denver.