Cassidy Gasteiger, Project Assistant

Cassidy Gasteiger joined Meridian Institute as a Project Assistant and Fellow in July 2018. She provides support to senior Meridian staff on collaborative public policy projects.
Ms. Gasteiger graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s of science in Science, Technology, and International Affairs, with a concentration in Environment and Energy and a minor in African Studies. Ms. Gasteiger’s professional experience has focused on the nexus of science and policy, especially agriculture and food systems, ocean policy, energy systems, and international human rights.
She has supported a variety of campus and city-level sustainability initiatives at Georgetown and in Washington, D.C. For her senior honors thesis, she conducted research in six countries interviewing stateless people and NGOs on pathways to citizenship for stateless populations, which she presented to the UNHCR in the form of policy recommendations. She worked for UNICEF USA for two years developing advocacy strategies and managing donor relations. She has interned with the Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa in Botswana and the Solar Electric Light Fund in D.C., working to implement more sustainable energy systems in energy-impoverished regions of the world. She also worked with a team of students and lobbyists to introduce S.892, the Opioid Addiction Prevention Act, in 2017. Through these and other experiences, Ms. Gasteiger has been inspired by the type of collaborative, multi-party problem-solving work necessary to solve complex problems, which Meridian Institute conducts daily.