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Meridian Institute

Oceans and Coasts

Oceans are the lifeblood of our planet, covering 72 percent of earth’s surface. They provide critical resources, including food, transportation, energy, and opportunities for recreation. They also act as the earth’s circulatory system, regulating global temperatures and precipitation patterns and producing much of the oxygen we breathe. Though the oceans connect us physically, economically, environmentally, and socially, the immense size of this vital communal resource complicates efforts to address ocean and coastal challenges.

Meridian Institute has a long history of addressing the challenges facing our oceans and coasts, including working with the communities that depend on them. We facilitate collaborative planning processes to better coordinate ocean governance, support the design and convening of major international ocean forums, and help to coordinate and align messaging within the broader ocean community around specific policy goals. We also coordinate and represent diverse ocean and coastal interests to build coalitions, develop policy recommendations, bridge the divide between ocean stakeholders and government agencies, defend ocean policies and funding, and provide visibility to ocean issues.

The oceans are undergoing a period of unprecedented change, facing global stressors such as sea level rise, ocean acidification, rising sea surface temperatures, and plastic pollution. In addition, diverse sectors such as wild-capture fisheries, aquaculture, offshore energy, deep sea mining, marine transportation, and coastal tourism are expanding to meet growing global demand. As the number of ocean uses and pressures on marine ecosystems increase, so too does competition for limited resources.

These factors and dynamics complicate ocean and coastal resource management yet offer promising opportunities for collaboration. Across diverse projects, Meridian brings people together to address complex ocean policy challenges and find culturally and economically viable solutions that safeguard the longevity of our ocean environments and the communities that depend upon them.

    • Delaware Estuary Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Revision
    • The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is leading and coordinating a multi-year effort to revise the Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary. To ensure the process benefits from the best available expertise, Meridian Institute is providing process advice and strategic guidance to the Partnership, with a focus on maximizing the engagement and commitment of key partners.

    • Indonesia Marine Funders Collaboration
    • Meridian is providing facilitation, coordination and grantee engagement support to the Indonesia Marine Funders Collaboration to help participating funders to share information and align grant making strategies to better support marine conservation in Indonesia.
    • National Ocean Protection Coalition
    • ​The National Ocean Protection Coalition (OPC), based out of Meridian Institute, serves to amplify the unified voice of ocean conservation groups and facilitates the collaboration and coordination of entities working together to generate support from communities, businesses, faith-based groups, and others about special ocean places that may be suitable for permanent protection.