Land Use in a Future Climate Agreement

Project Overview

Meridian Institute supported a team of international experts led by Winrock International that developed options assessment reports on critical land use and REDD+ issues related to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change discussions. (REDD+ refers to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, including the conservation and sustainable management of forests as well as the enhancement of forest carbon stocks.)

The second options assessment report is, “Land Use in a Future Climate Agreement.”  This report is in support of the ADP negotiations on a post-2020 agreement and focuses specifically on the role of emissions and removals from land use. It is part of a series of option reports funded by the US Department of State but is not in support of, or reflecting, US Government positions and is the sole work of an independent author team. The authors are experts in the area of land use, drawn from several different regions. Much like the Norway-sponsored options assessment reports in recent years, this effort is intended to help inform discussions in the UNFCCC.

This report was developed by the author team with input from an in-person consultation among land use experts involved in the UNFCCC that was convened in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on 17 March, 2014 and from an online consultation by a diverse set of expert reviewers.  The report was presented during an unofficial side event on 10 June 2014 in Bonn, Germany.  This event was intended to spark a discussion among land use and ADP negotiators; civil society and indigenous peoples representatives, and other interested stakeholders on the various options for including land use in a future agreement.

Author Team

Manuel Estrada, Independent Consultant
Donna Lee,* Independent Consultant
Brian Murray,* Duke University
Robert O’Sullivan, Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities
Jim Penman,* University College London
Charlotte Streck, Climate Focus
*Coordinating Authors

And with special thanks for their contributions:
Andrea Guerrero, Independent Consultant
Maria Sanz Sanchez, Food and Agriculture Organization