Sowing the Seeds for a Healthy Future

Authors: Todd Barker, CEO, Meridian Institute; Dr. Martin Bloem, Director, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future; Rev. Eugene Cho, President and CEO, Bread for the World; Dr. Melissa D. Ho, Senior Vice President, Freshwater and Food, World Wildlife Fund; Ferd Hoefner, Principal, Farm, Food, Environment Policy Consulting; Mike Lavender, Policy Director, National Sustainable Agriculture … Continued

A Win for Farmers, Waterways, and the Climate

The Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP) covers more than 370 million acres of farmland and has a significant influence on farming practices across the United States. Changes to the program can have wide-ranging implications for U.S. farming practices, making federal crop insurance a key mechanism for change in the food and agriculture system. Through the … Continued

The Critical Role of the Food and Beverage Sector in Achieving Net Zero

The global food system is responsible for approximately one third of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. That means what we eat, where our food comes from, how it is produced, and how much food we waste are significant drivers of climate change—and that without concerted action from food and beverage companies, achieving a net zero … Continued

Calling All Food Systems Game Changers

Think about the last three meals you had. Beyond the supermarket or restaurant, can you identify where your food came from? For most of us, the answer is no. Food systems are complex, and it’s hard to understand the journey from farm to plate as a consumer. Yet food is an integral part of our … Continued

Leading at the Edge – A Roadmap to Advance Edge of Field Practices in Agriculture

U.S. agriculture is undergoing a transformation. The soil health movement has revolutionized our understanding about the connections between farming practices, productivity, and environmental impacts. Farmers, ranchers, and researchers across the United States are working alongside local, state, and federal policymakers and other partners from the agricultural sector to expand in-field conservation practices such as cover … Continued

Investing in $oils Makes Economic Sense

I recently met with a group of Dutch entrepreneurs visiting Colorado who were intrigued by the idea of “super farms.” They were referring to the large North American farms that we learned about in our high school economics classes back in the Netherlands. We talked about how large parts of the continent are blessed with … Continued

Bourbon, Beer, and Bread: 5 Ways Rye is Transforming the Landscape

Yes, I love them all, but what do they have to do with each other?  In short, rye. Bakers, brewers, and distillers all use and love rye.  The flavor it imparts is distinctive. It imparts a spiciness in whiskey and in bread.  In beer, it smooths out hoppiness. At a recent meeting, I participated in … Continued

Which Comes First, Legitimacy or Impact? A Look at the Roundtables for Sustainable Beef

In an era where beef and animal protein are gaining attention for their sustainability impacts, voluntary sustainability efforts like the Roundtables for Sustainable Beef (RSBs) have emerged as key players in the global effort to define sustainability for beef production. To do this, RSBs are pulling together diverse groups—NGOs, ranchers, corporations—to discuss pathways for enhancing … Continued

Funders asked us to explore beef sustainability. Here’s what we learned.

There is a lot of new information about the health and environmental impacts of beef and dairy. Should we be vegan or paleo? Embrace the impossible burger, clean meat, or ‘micro livestock’? What about the importance of livestock for livelihoods, nutrition, climate and grasslands? Last year Meridian Institute helped the Global Alliance for the Future … Continued