Exploring Religious Connections to the Natural World

What motivates your environmental convictions? Some people have been inspired to protect nature from their experiences in the great outdoors. Others are driven to improve the air and water quality they experience daily. Many are worried about the impacts of climate change and compelled to live sustainably for future generations. Embedded in many of our … Continued

Announcing Our New Leadership Team

Today, we are pleased to announce Kauthar Rahman as our new Chief Operating Officer. As our organization scales to meet the challenges of climate change and other global issues that require bold thinking, collaboration, and action, we are investing in proven leadership to advance our work with partners around the globe. Rahman joins our leadership team, … Continued

Leadership Transition at Meridian

We are pleased to announce that Todd Barker has been named CEO of Meridian Institute. Todd replaces outgoing Managing Director, Tim Mealey, who co-founded Meridian in 1997 with John Ehrmann, Michael Lesnick, Connie Lewis, and Barbara Stinson.  This long-planned transition follows nearly four years of leadership by Tim, during which Meridian has grown in size … Continued

Why I’m Optimistic this Earth Day

2010-2019 was the warmest decade in recorded history. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is the highest it has been in 3 million years. Sea levels are rising three millimeters a year, the fastest rate recorded in 3,000 years. The effects of the climate crisis are here; planetary alarm bells are getting louder. We … Continued

The Mighty Impact of Smallholder Palm Oil Farmers in Indonesia

Think back on your past week. Did you use shampoo or laundry detergent? Did you eat bread, ice cream, or chocolate? While very different, each of these products share a common ingredient – palm oil. Even though it is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet, you may have never heard of it. … Continued

Lessons on Interconnection from a Socially Distanced Year

“Guiding effective collaboration requires understanding and managing a changing constellation of variables—from individual relationships to geopolitical considerations. We recognize and anticipate the implications of these interconnections.” This quote describes Meridian’s unique approach to our work. Day in and day out, we analyze and manage a dynamic constellation of variables. We both guide and are guided … Continued

Expanding Understanding through Research: What We’ve Learned about Improving the Effectiveness of Supply Chain Sustainability Initiatives

More and more companies are making pledges designed to achieve ambitious sustainability goals that reduce deforestation, preserve natural resources, and decrease pollution. Many of these sustainability commitments and initiatives have been in place for years—so, why aren’t we seeing more results on the ground? This year, four teams of experts tackled one piece of the … Continued

Reflecting on Meridian’s Virtual Staff Retreat

Day in and day out, Meridian staff, Senior Fellows, and Affiliates lead over 100 projects around the world. Our work has only intensified in recent months, as we help our partners collaborate, strategize, and advance critical priorities under unforeseen and challenging circumstances. Despite—and in response to—these dynamic conditions, we hit pause for a few days … Continued