Flathead National Forest Plan Revision Collaborative Process


The Flathead National Forest Stakeholder Collaboration Final Report is now available. Click here to download - Posted 10/15/14 

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Flathead National Forest Plan Revision Public Participation Strategy

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The intent of public participation in the Flathead National Forest’s plan revision is to develop and identify zones of agreement relevant to the plan components and where possible to acquire assistance in designing effective plan components, prior to initiating scoping under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  Meridian Institute is partnering with the Flathead National Forest to engage a diverse set of stakeholders. 

The following are key components of the Flathead National Forest plan revision process.

Distinctive Roles and Contributions  

Forest-Wide Desired Conditions  

Forest-Wide Objectives      

Forest Wide Standards and Guidelines

Geographic Areas Desired Conditions

Management Areas    

At the conclusion of this public participation phase, the Forest staff and responsible official will consider the input and prepare a draft proposed plan and initiate scoping with a Notice of Intent in the Federal Register. The Forest will then develop alternatives to the draft proposed plan that will have the social, economic, and environmental consequences of each alternative evaluated in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). This DEIS will be available for public comment for 90 days. Comments and input gathered during the collaborative process will be used to inform the members of the collaborative will need to submit their comments along with the general public. After the comment period, the Forest will prepare a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and draft Record of Decision, which is subject to a pre-decisional administrative review process (objection process) pursuant to the 2012 Planning Rule (Subpart B of 36 CFR 219) 

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