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Meridian Institute

2018 National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Summit

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Meridian is facilitating a collaborative process with NOAA Fisheries and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to plan and convene the 2018 National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Summit. Held in Arlington, Virginia during March 2018, the Summit was the third iteration in a series of conferences that bring together the marine recreational fisheries community and representatives from state, regional, and federal management bodies. The goals of the Summit were to investigate solutions to the most significant challenges facing saltwater recreational fishermen; inform the next phase of NOAA’s Recreational Fisheries Engagement Initiative; and continue to strengthen rapport and collaboration within the saltwater recreational fishing community.

Meridian conducted a pre-Summit survey with the saltwater recreational fisheries community, prepared a robust agenda that focuses on improving opportunity and stability in recreational fisheries, facilitated the meeting, and prepared a summary report to guide collaborative actions for the saltwater recreational fishing community in the years to come. ​ 

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