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Meridian Institute

Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Seafood Supply Chains in Mexico

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Meridian facilitated a collaborative effort to accelerate sustainability in seafood supply chains in Mexico through a series of events convened by The Economist Group. We supported improved communication, collaboration, and development of shared objectives among several partners, including The Economist Group, the Walton Family Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and a range of in-country collaborators that include industry participants in the seafood supply chain in Mexico. Meridian’s role included providing process design and facilitation support to these partners for a series of preparatory and side events related to the Economist’s March 2018 World Ocean Summit (WOS). 

In January 2018, Meridian supported the convening of an Economist-hosted roundtable entitled The Power of Retailers to Secure Mexico’s Seafood Future, which brought together leading members of the Mexican seafood industry—including major retailers, distributors, and producers—to discuss the transition toward sustainable seafood sourcing in Mexico. The roundtable served as a stepping stone for a global conversation on sustainable seafood sourcing during the Economist’s 2018 WOS. 

Meridian also provided coordination and agenda design support to partners hosting a private luncheon during the WOS focused on sustainable seafood. This luncheon engaged global seafood supply chain actors and Mexican seafood industry leaders to discuss their experiences with pre-competitive collaboration on seafood sustainability, building on outcomes from the January 2018 Roundtable. The luncheon provided a forum for participants to exchange knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned to overcome the challenges and harness the opportunities emerging in sustainable seafood sourcing in Mexico. 

Meridian will continue to harness the momentum from the WOS to advance the transition to sustainable fisheries and improved ocean management in Mexico by supporting in-country partnerships around these issues. Meridian is also drawing from our abundant experience advancing multi-sectorial collaboration on ocean issues in a variety of geographies to harness the momentum from the WOS and political changes in Mexico to advance the sustainable management of the country’s oceans and coasts.​​

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