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Meridian Institute

Bioenergy and Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Related: Climate Change

In January and February 2010, Meridian facilitated three meetings among a diverse group of stakeholders to foster a better understanding of the net flux of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere from the growth, production, and combustion of biomass for heat and electricity and transportation fuels. Organized by the Environmental Defense Fund, the meetings were designed to work toward a common understanding of the underlying science that should inform the accounting of GHG emissions related to the growth, production and combustion of biomass for bioenergy.  This was accomplished by discussing the terminology and key concepts and then exploring a set of energy production scenarios. The meetings focused on bioenergy scenarios and their effects on the carbon cycle, rather than on a full range of strategic, economic, and policy considerations.


Meeting participants included 35 stakeholders representing forest landowners, agricultural producers, biofuel producers, bioenergy trade associations, and environmental organizations, as well as scientists from academic institutions. A final summary of the discussions is available from Meridian Institute.

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