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Meridian Institute

Brucellosis Working Symposium

Related: Environment and Natural Resources, Health

In the decades since 1917, when brucellosis was first detected in Yellowstone National Park bison, the disease has been virtually eradicated from the United States. The wild bison and elk in the Greater Yellowstone Area, however, stand as the last major reservoir for the disease in the country.


In 2005, the US Animal Health Association (USAHA) sponsored the Brucellosis Working Symposium in Laramie, Wyoming. The symposium was funded by the US Departments of Agriculture and Interior and moderated by the University of Wyoming’s Ruckelshaus Institute, with lead facilitation provided by Meridian Institute.


The symposium focused on the development and testing of safe and effective vaccines for bison and elk; the development of new ways to administer the vaccines; and improving live-animal diagnostic methods. By bringing together experts from around the world representing the federal, state, academic, and private sectors, the USAHA hoped to lay the foundation for an overall strategy to eliminate brucellosis from the Greater Yellowstone Area while maintaining wild and free-ranging wildlife populations.

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