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Meridian Institute

Center for Responsible Shale Development (CRSD)

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Center for Responsible Shale Development

Meridian Institute is supporting the Board of the Center for Responsible Shale Development (CRSD) in the initiation of a strategic planning process. The CRSD is a nonprofit organization formed to bring together environmental and gas industry leaders to foster continuous improvement in shale development practices within the Appalachian Basin. The CRSD formulated 15 performance standards to address environmental risks associated with shale gas extraction and production and successfully established an independent, third-party evaluation and verification process to measure and certify that operator management and field operations conform to the performance standards. To build on this foundation, the Board engaged Meridian to perform a series of interviews with Board members and other knowledgeable individuals to begin to formulate a series of options for the future of the CRSD; the full Board will consider these options at its September 2018 meeting.

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