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Meridian Institute

City Upstream and Down: How Integrated Resources Management Can Help Cities Thrive

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Meridian provided planning, facilitation, and report writing support for an October 2015 conference that brought together mayors, municipal leaders, and urban water managers to explore how communities can pursue integrated water management as a pathway to addressing water challenges, while generating a suite of economic, environmental, and social benefits. Meridian drafted the resulting report, which synthesized the meeting findings. The report was designed to explain the concept of integrated water management and illustrate why cities should consider pursuing its implementation and how cities can lead the way toward solving water challenges across their shared watersheds. The report also provides practical guidance about how city leaders can initiate this important work where they reside. This project was a collaboration among American Rivers, the Mayors Innovation Project, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, and The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread.


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