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Meridian Institute

Climate Change and Food Systems: Assessing Impacts and Opportunities

External Project Site: www.merid.org/climatechangefoodsystems.aspx
Related: Agriculture and Food Security, Climate Change and Energy

Meridian Institute is undertaking a two-year project focused on climate change and food systems. The project objectives are to:
• facilitate the development a globally recognized, trusted meta-narrative regarding the complex relationships between climate change and food systems;
• ensure that the meta-narrative addresses the important relationship between food systems and national and global efforts to mitigate climate change, in order to avoid catastrophic global temperatures and create an environment in which agricultural production and food systems can indeed be resilient and adapt; and 
• Engage diverse audiences, thought-leaders, and communication channels to provide input to the report and help disseminate its findings.

As a first step in the project, Meridian is developing a report that reviews and synthesizes key literature on impacts of agriculture, food, and climate change, illustrates how applying a food systems perspective to climate change mitigation and adaptation actions can be used to drive transformation and help policymakers anticipate effects from specific mitigation and adaptation interventions; and documents a range of specific interventions (opportunities) that –in the near-term – would support climate mitigation and adaption while efforts to drive broader system transformation are pursued. The first public release of the draft report is scheduled for early May 2017 at the Global Alliance for the Future of Food International Dialogue in Paris, France. Following completion of the report, a formal report launch will engage diverse audiences, thought-leaders, and communication channels to help disseminate the report findings.

Meridian Institute has convened a globally recognized expert author team and a diverse and distinguished advisory committee. Meridian will be convening a series of in-person and virtual consultation events to gather critical input, cross-fertilize feedback among diverse stakeholders, and to begin to socialize narratives as they emerge.