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Meridian Institute

Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority Strategic Planning

Related: Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resources

In January 2003, Meridian assisted the full membership of the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority (CBFWA) in drafting and agreeing on a new strategic vision for the CBFWA, as well outlining an action plan for the next three to five years. CBFWA members include four state and two federal fish and wildlife management agencies, as well as 11 Tribes in the Columbia River Basin.


The future direction of the CBFWA had not been examined for a number of years, and fish and wildlife policies relating to the Columbia River Basin were in a state of considerable flux due to proposed significant changes to hydropower operations that may reduce benefits to fish and wildlife. In addition, the Bonneville Power Administration was facing a long-term financial crisis that could reduce opportunities to mitigate damage to fish and wildlife.


In a three-day meeting, Meridian facilitators identified a new vision, priorities, and actions items for the CBFWA, which were to be adopted at a subsequent annual meeting.

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