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Meridian Institute

Common Sense Initiative Council

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Common Sense Initiative (CSI) was an innovative experiment to address environmental management by industrial sector rather than by environmental medium (air, water, land). Six subcommittees representing six industries— automobile manufacturing, computers and electronics, iron and steel, metal finishing, petroleum refining, and printing—were formed to address environmental issues facing their specific sector. The subcommittee members consisted of representatives from industry; environmental justice organizations; labor organizations; environmental groups; and federal, state, and local governments.


Meridian coordinated issues between the six sector subcommittees and facilitated the meetings of the CSI Council to address critical recommendations to Administrator Carol Browner. Meridian facilitated six sector facilitator teams; developed meeting agendas and Council presentations; facilitated two-day Council meetings; facilitated automobile sector meetings; and conducted various follow-up activities.

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