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Meridian Institute

Community of Practice on Advanced Water Quality Monitoring Technologies

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

​Meridian Institute collaborated with the Pisces Foundation to organize and facilitate a series of activities aimed at fostering a multi-sector community of practice for the purpose of rapidly accelerating the deployment of remote sensing and other advanced water-quality monitoring technologies to address water pollution in the United States. Meridian facilitated connections among existing projects and leading experts and engaged new parties who could benefit from the application of remote sensing and other emerging technologies in their work. In particular, the effort focused on raising awareness of available technologies and tools among nongovernmental organizations focused on water-quality protection and restoration. Key activities included the creation of an online collaboration hub, a May 2017 webinar highlighting key projects and technologies, and a June 2017 meeting focused on the development of emerging projects in the field. This project built upon the outcomes of the September 2016 workshop Using Remote Sensing to Empower the Public to Address Water Pollution.


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