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Congressional Financial Regulatory Reform Roundtables

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In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Capital Markets Subcommittee asked the Bipartisan Policy Center to develop a series of bipartisan, educational roundtables for the benefit of Subcommittee Members on key financial regulatory issues under its jurisdiction. (Members of the full Committee were also invited to participate.) Meridian Institute staff moderated the panels of speakers and facilitated the discussions.


The purpose of the roundtables was to help Committee members from both parties to better understand the complex financial and public policy issues under their legislative purview; learn about each other’s views; and identify areas of potential concurrence and compromise that would be critical in their drafting of subsequent legislation.


Six sessions were held. They addressed: the overarching reasons for the financial crisis and the regulatory failures that contributed to the crisis; the issue of systemic risk; the role of the Federal Reserve system; complex financial entities and instruments; and (for the last two) the Obama Administration’s proposal for financial regulatory reform. Each of these interactive sessions, which were private and closed to the press, involved presentations by high-level financial and policy experts (e.g., former Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Paul Volker and Alan Greenspan, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and numerous others) who were chosen to guarantee that a diversity of political and public policy viewpoints were represented.

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