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Meridian Institute

Expert Panel Workshop on the Role of Environmental Factors in the Onset and Progression of Puberty

Related: Health

In November 2003, Meridian Institute facilitated discussions among 40 expert panelists during a three-day workshop sponsored by the nonprofit Serono Symposia International and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The panelists—including endocrinologists, developmental neurologists, and other experts—discussed the sufficiency of data for determining if there has been a change in the timing of puberty onset and/or progression of puberty in boys or girls over the last 63 years, as well as the prioritization of research needs for environmental factors and puberty timing. The panel also discussed how its conclusions may influence children’s public health protection from both a US and international perspective.


During the workshop, participants crafted a number of consensus statements on these topics. They identified and clarified areas of agreement and disagreement and characterized the reasons underlying those issues upon which they reached divergent conclusions. Manuscripts developed during and after the workshop were submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed journal.

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