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Meridian Institute

Fire Island Management Plan

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

Meridian staff facilitated two workshops for the Long Island Chapter of The Nature Conservancy regarding beach erosion on Fire Island in New York. Meridian collaborated in the design of the workshops with URS Consulting and the New York Region of the US Army Corps of Engineers.


The first workshop addressed the scientific basis for options to reduce beach erosion and replenish sand on Fire Island. The second workshop addressed options the Army Corps was considering as part of a study process leading to a long-term (i.e., 50-year) management plan for the island. Workshop participants included local and state government officials, environmentalists, and academics. Subsequent to these workshops, Meridian facilitated a multi-stakeholder meeting for the Army Corps, to explore in more detail nonstructural options (i.e., other than jetties) that could be used to halt the erosion on Fire Island.

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