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Meridian Institute

Government of Norway REDD+ Institutional Options Assessment

External Project Site: www.redd-oar.org/IOA.html
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Sponsored by the Government of Norway, the REDD+ Institutional Options Assessment report built upon and extended the results of the REDD Options Assessment Report. The goal was to make a significant contribution to achieving the understanding of and support for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) in a post-2012 agreement as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations. The report examined the resources and associated institutional requirements to implement a potential regime post-Copenhagen, and the international support mechanisms required to make REDD+ a reality around the world. The final report was published in print and on the web in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Meridian managed, convened, and facilitated the work of the five internationally recognized expert authors of this assessment. The work involved one in-person consultation (in Washington, DC) and one global online consultation with governments, civil society, indigenous peoples’ representatives, and other key stakeholders. 


The authors of this assessment included Luis Gomez-Echeverri (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), Pablo Gutman (World Wildlife Fund), Cyril Loisel (IDDRI and ONF International), Charlotte Streck (Coordinating Author – Climate Focus), and Jacob Werksman (World Resources Institute).

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