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Meridian Institute

Green Group Climate and Energy Committee Sessions

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In 2001 and 2003, Meridian staff facilitated strategy sessions for the Climate and Energy Committee of the Green Group. The Green Group is composed of the leaders of 32 US-based, national-level environmental groups.


The 2001 meeting focused on the Green Group’s strategy for addressing climate and energy issues and, in particular, how to best involve state- and regional-level environmental organizations in developing and carrying out that strategy. These discussions led to the bringing together of a broader array of organizations for the 2003 session.


The 2003 session was co-sponsored by the US Climate Action Network and involved discussions among more than 60 participants, including representatives from national, state, and regional environmental groups, as well as private foundations. The purpose of this session was to enable participants to discuss ways they could work together more effectively on climate change and energy issues—for example, through improved coordination, better communication, joint targeting of constituencies and states, and development of a shared strategy.

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