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Meridian Institute

Health Coverage Coalition for the Uninsured

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Meridian and Search for Common Ground-USA facilitated an unprecedented national policy dialogue that sought to break the longstanding impasse in the United States on how to expand health insurance coverage to the 47 million Americans who did not have it. Funding was provided by a wide range of organizations participating in the consensus process, as well as by private foundations. As a result of the dialogue, the Health Coverage Coalition for the Uninsured was formed.


In January 2007, this alliance of consumer groups, doctor and hospital groups, business and employer groups, insurers, and others came together to announce an historic agreement on a proposal to expand coverage for millions of uninsured Americans, starting with a “Kids First” proposal. Ultimately, many of the ideas discussed and developed by this coalition—as well as the relationships formed in the process—contributed to the health care legislation passed by Congress in 2010.

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