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Meridian Institute

Kenan Institute Corporate Social Responsibility Policies Projects

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In 2004, Meridian provided facilitation and planning support for a project on corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, Washington Center.


Meridian facilitated a 40-member study group on CSR initiatives and international trade agreements. Multinational corporations face a confusing thicket of conflicting rules and competing rule-makers relating to CSR. In fact, many CSR-focused companies are out in front of government, and their actions can be hindered by existing policies. Over several meetings and conference calls, participants in this study group developed principles and recommendations to help policy makers clarify the responsibilities of global corporations and promote global CSR. The group included thought leaders in international trade and CSR from business associations, global firms, labor organizations, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, and the US government. A summary of this meeting is available in the documents section.

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