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Meridian Institute

Missouri River Pilot Adaptive Management Scoping Process

Related: Environment and Natural Resources, Resilience

A team including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Meridian Institute, and Adaptive Strategies, Inc., conducted a multi-stakeholder scoping process to select projects and sites for a pilot adaptive management restoration program in three counties along the Missouri River. The process was funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 7 office. Participants included farmers and other landowners; barge operators and other business owners; recreational river users; state and federal agency personnel; local government officials; and representatives from environmental organizations and academia.


Through interviews, workshops, and site visits, the stakeholders jointly developed options for pilot projects that would address community revitalization and river recovery. Proposed concepts were prioritized in March 2006, and project teams and initial next steps were identified to move two of the selected pilot projects forward.

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