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Meridian Institute

Mohave Generating Station Conflict Assessment

Related: Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resources, Health

In 1998, the owners of the Mohave Generating Station—a 27-year-old electric power plant in Laughlin, Nevada—needed to determine the market value and potential future fate of the plant, in light of California’s new utility deregulation law. The local communities, neighboring Navajo and Hopi tribes, labor unions, and environmental organizations were all concerned about the cleanup of emissions from the plant, as well as the future operation of the plant (as some were economically dependent upon it).


Meridian conducted a conflict assessment of the issues and parties’ interests to determine a possible future course of action, which could have included the convening of a multi-stakeholder dialogue to address issues of concern. In 1999, with a future stakeholder process looming, the parties to litigation settled the environmental issues related to the power plant, which forestalled the convening of a dialogue.

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