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Meridian Institute

National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology - Superfund Subcommittee

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Meridian facilitated a 32-member advisory panel, convened by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that was formed as a subcommittee to the National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology. Subcommittee members included individuals from academia, business, and industry; community and environmental advocacy groups; federal, state, tribal, and local organizations; and environmental justice and professional organizations.


The subcommittee met nine times in public plenary sessions and many more times in closed work group meetings to discuss the future role of the national Superfund program. Meridian facilitated and handled logistics for all plenary and work group sessions and worked with participants from the outset through the drafting of the final report.


The subcommittee released its report, which described areas of consensus and remaining areas of disagreement, in April 2004. The group’s recommendations addressed five themes: increase the transparency and rigor of EPA decision making; spend resources wisely; expand efforts at coordination and collaboration; expensive cleanups deserve special attention; and measure and communicate progress and performance comprehensively.

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