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Meridian Institute

National Pollution Prevention and Toxics Advisory Committee

External Project Site: www.epa.gov/opptintr/npptac/
Related: Environment and Natural Resources, Health, Science and Technology

Meridian Institute staff facilitated the National Pollution Prevention and Toxics Advisory Committee (NPPTAC), a federally chartered advisory committee that provided high-level policy advice to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) on its diverse programs. The NPPTAC’s members came from industry, NGOs, states, Tribes, academia, and other institutions. The objectives of the NPPTAC were to provide policy advice and recommendations to the OPPT in areas such as the assessment and management of chemical risk, pollution prevention and toxic chemicals, risk communication, and opportunities for coordination. The NPPTAC met for the first time in November 2003 and then met three or four times per year until late 2005.


Subcommittees and work groups of the full committee addressed programs and topics in-depth. For example, during the summer of 2005 Meridian assisted in the formation of and facilitated the Interim Ad Hoc Work Group on Nanoscale Materials. This work group (1) discussed and generated public input on potential elements for an OPPT voluntary program regarding engineered nanoscale materials, (2) began consideration of regulatory actions the OPPT could undertake regarding such materials, and (3) identified issues for further consideration. The ten work group members represented small and large companies, environmental NGOs, and an animal welfare organization. The work group reported their progress to the full NPPTAC during the October 2005 public meeting in Arlington, Virginia.


The NPPTAC finalized its report and submitted it for the EPA’s consideration in November 2005.