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Meridian Institute

Neutral Oversight of an Independent Assessment of Coca-Cola Facilities in India

Related: Agriculture and Food Systems, Health

In response to an inquiry by the University of Michigan into the Coca-Cola Company’s compliance with the University’s Vendor Code of Conduct, Coca-Cola agreed to have The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) conduct an independent assessment of water management practices at Coca-Cola facilities in India and the potential impact of pesticides on Coca-Cola products in that country. Meridian entered into relationships with Coca-Cola and TERI, to ensure that TERI had adequate independence as it undertook this assessment.


Meridian played two roles in this initiative: (1) neutral convener and facilitator for the parties and (2) independent financial agent. Meridian worked with the parties to ensure a robust and independent process, including appropriate substantive oversight and input from an expert steering committee. Meridian also worked with University of Michigan decision makers to facilitate their decision-making process. Based on the TERI assessment and recommendations, the University decided to continue inviting Coca-Cola to bid on contracts with the University, pending additional review after completion of a study in Columbia by the International Labor Organization.

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