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Meridian Institute

Pallid Sturgeon Workshop

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

In partnership with the University of Wyoming’s Ruckelshaus Institute, Meridian Institute facilitated a three-day workshop in 2007 to discuss the recovery of the pallid sturgeon, an endangered species endemic to the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The purpose of the workshop was to develop prioritized research and management strategies to assist pallid sturgeon recovery, including identifying knowledge gaps, prioritizing research needs, recommending an effective science process to get answers, and identifying agencies whose authorities may be applicable in these efforts. Participants included approximately 70 scientists with relevant expertise from federal and state agencies and universities.


Meridian Institute provided workshop design and facilitation, working closely with a team of staff from the University of Wyoming’s Ruckelshaus Institute. A summary report is available from the Ruckelshaus Institute or through Meridian by request. The workshop was held in St. Louis, Missouri.


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