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Meridian Institute

Program Assessment of The Kresge Foundation's Climate Resilient & Equitable Water Systems (CREWS) Initiative

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

Meridian worked with American Rivers and The Kresge Foundation to conduct an assessment of Kresge’s water-oriented grant making, dating back to 2011. The primary focus of the assessment is Kresge’s Climate-Resilient and Equitable Water Systems (CREWS) initiative and related analysis of the community of practice emerging around the intersection of water, climate resilience, and equity.  Research methods Meridian used include a comprehensive review of grantee proposals and reports, a review of key publications and resources focused on CREWS-related issues, and interviews with current grantees and additional experts working at the intersection of water, climate resilience, and equity. The report  identifyies opportunities to further advance the CREWS strategy and the community practice as a whole. In addition, Meridian developed a compendium of resources created by Kresge water grantees as well as process recommendations to help Kresge continue to build and foster the CREWS peer learning community. Meridian conducted this work under a subcontract with American Rivers.

The final report, Building a Community of Practice at the Intersection of Water, Climate Resilience, and Equity is available online here.  

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