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Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative Meetings

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

The Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI)—a program of the US Department of Defense (DoD)—seeks to provide individuals who own land adjacent to US military sites with voluntary incentives for conserving their land and natural resources. In many areas surrounding military installations, the loss and fragmentation of rural lands increasingly threatens the military’s mission of testing and training.


In this project, the DoD is seeking to encourage greater utilization of the REPI program in the state of Texas. Meridian Institute was hired to facilitate two meetings on this topic in August 2008. These meetings were sponsored by the DoD, the American Farmland Trust, Texas A&M University’s Institute for Renewable Natural Resources, the Texas Farm Bureau, the Texas Beef Council, the Texas Cattle Raiser’s Association, the Texas Wildlife Association, and the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service.


Through presentations and group discussions at these meetings, more than 130 participants representing a wide diversity of views and interests learned more about REPI, explored mutual issues of concern, aired differences of view regarding land conservation tools, and identified partnership opportunities. Agenda topics included an identification of military installations’ current and anticipated land encroachment issues, a discussion of trends and issues in cooperative conservation, and highlights of private landowner issues and concerns in Texas.

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