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Meridian Institute

Rockefeller Foundation Transmission Planning and Siting Project

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Meridian Institute, in partnership with the Energy Future Coalition and on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation, convened in December 2009 a diverse group of 44 leaders from the electricity sector to explore the value and viability of pursuing a research and dialogue process on critical issues facing the sector. This group included mid- and senior-level professionals from organizations across relevant sectors: state utility commissions, regional transmission organizations, independent system operators, utilities and transmission companies, federal agencies, environmental organizations, and renewable energy generators.


The group convened for exploratory discussions on critical gaps related to transmission planning and siting; the potential benefits of an independent multi-stakeholder dialogue; and strategies for addressing these gaps in a longer-term dialogue process. A meeting summary, recommendations, and a final report were developed for Rockefeller Foundation and the Energy Future Coalition.

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