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Meridian Institute

Soy Food Leaders Collaborative

Related: Agriculture and Food Systems

Meridian Institute worked with a steering group made up of the World Soy Foundation, Solae, Silk, House Foods America, SunOpta, and the United Soybean Board to convene senior leaders from the soy food industry. The initial meeting and ensuing work was premised upon the idea that by working together in a thoughtful, direct, and concerted manner, organizations involved in strengthening the credibility of soy as a nutritious and desirable food could have more impact than they could by working independently from each other. Their goal was to ensure that soy fulfills its potential in the consumer food market and as a powerful tool in fighting global malnutrition. Meridian worked with this group of CEOs and other senior business leaders to:

  • Build interest in and solidify commitment to a longer-term collaborative effort among select players in the United States soy food value chain;

  • Agree on specific focus areas for collaborative exploration, recommendation, and potential action;

  • Garner commitment of adequate resources for participants’ staff and others to explore and make recommendations about key issues agreed upon in the meeting; and

  • Explore interest in additional, larger investment to implement whatever recommendations are eventually agreed upon by the business leaders.

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