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Meridian Institute

Transitioning to Sustainable Fisheries in Indonesia

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Meridian Institute is facilitating a collaborative effort to accelerate the transition to sustainable fisheries in Indonesia. We are supporting improved communication, coordination, and shared strategy development among a number of in-region partners, including but not limited to the Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and the Institut Deliverologi Indonesia (IDeA). All of these organizations have committed to providing leadership in advancing the transition to sustainable fisheries and improved ocean management in Indonesia.

To help our partners accomplish their goals, we are focused on two efforts:

    1. The Indonesia Sustainable Fisheries Initiative. Meridian supports partners who are developing an Indonesian-led coalition of diverse groups to advocate for sustainable fisheries management and associated policy reforms. Our work involves facilitation, coaching, and project management support to the core group of partners leading this effort. 

    2. The Indonesia Marine Funders Collaboration. Meridian facilitates and coordinates a set of U.S.-based foundations whose goal is to improve the health of Indonesia’s oceans. We bring the funders together on a regular basis, help them to stay apprised of each other’s respective strategies and progress, and support communication and learning about core functions such as monitoring and evaluation. This helps to ensure that opportunities for aligned grant-making are recognized and supported. 

Previously, we provided process design and facilitation support to the Economist Intelligence Unit at two large international meetings in Indonesia, to ensure productive discussions aligned with our partners’ interests. These meetings included the Economist’s February 2017 World Ocean Summit and the July 2016 South-East Asia and Pacific Regional Fisheries Summit.

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