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Meridian Institute

US Forest Service Diversity Options Workshop

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

At the request of the US Forest Service, Meridian Institute designed and facilitated a two-day workshop in February 2003 on options to provide for the diversity of plant and animal communities in land and resource management planning. The workshop was conducted during the formal comment period of the Forest Service’s Proposed Rule to revise the land and resource management planning process for National Forest System lands. Participants included 100 individuals who were selected through an open, public nomination process and by special invitation.


As part of the Proposed Rule, the Forest Service outlined two options that would fulfill the statutory requirements of the National Forest Management Act that forest plans provide for the diversity of plant and animal communities consistent with the multiple-use objectives of the land and resource management plan. The purpose of the workshop was to obtain high-quality and focused input from a diverse, balanced, and knowledgeable group of stakeholders on:

  • scientifically sound and practical forest planning approaches to implementing this statutory requirement
  • strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions for how to improve upon, the two options outlined in the Proposed Rule
  • any additional options to implement this statutory requirement