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Meridian Institute

Union of Concerned Scientists Meeting on Energy, Climate, and Water

Related: Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resources

In 2009, Meridian Institute facilitated a meeting convened by the Union of Concerned Scientists and The Johnson Foundation regarding issues at the nexus of energy, water, and climate change. The approximately 25 scientists and policy experts at the meeting discussed the use of water in energy production, the use of energy in pumping and treating water, and the carbon impacts of all of these activities.


The meeting was an outgrowth of the Johnson Foundation’s Freshwater Forum series—specifically the work session on “Examining U.S. Freshwater Systems and Services: Reducing Conflicts at the Water/Energy Interface.” Results from the meeting focused on developing a research and education agenda and identifying potential partnerships in the field that would help to address the issues at a multi-disciplinary, cross-sector level. The meeting was convened at The Johnson Foundation’s Wingspread conference center in Racine, Wisconsin.




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