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Meridian Institute

University of Wyoming Uranium Extraction Project

Related: Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resources

Meridian Institute was engaged by the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources to undertake a two-phase project relating to in situ recovery of uranium in Wyoming. Both phases are funded through an appropriation from the Wyoming state legislature.


In the first phase, Meridian facilitated a workshop in October 2009 involving 92 representatives of the uranium industry, state and federal regulatory agencies, and the University, in order to identify how the University could make significant contributions through research to optimize the economic recovery of uranium. A final report outlining critical issues and research priorities identified at the workshop is available from Meridian Institute.


In the second phase, Meridian will facilitate a public forum on uranium extraction in Wyoming, to take place in August 2010. The goals of the forum are to provide interested members of the public an opportunity to learn about in situ uranium production as well as the benefits and risks associated with uranium production and use. The forum will include presentations from leading experts in health, environmental protection, and uranium extraction technologies. The forum also will provide an opportunity for individuals concerned about uranium production to share and discuss their concerns with representatives of industry, government, health and environmental protection organizations, and the academic community.

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