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Upper Rio Grande - New Mexico Watershed Project

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

The Upper Rio Grande Watershed is located in north central New Mexico, bordering Colorado. The watershed includes several urban areas, including Taos. Several stream segments were not meeting water-quality standards as a result of a broad range of (past and present) human activities in the watershed. Land uses within the watershed vary greatly and are subject to considerable change in certain areas, for instance as a result of urban development.


In support of Total Maximum Daily Load implementation by the State of New Mexico Environment Department (to comply with Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act), Meridian was hired to help local communities develop a collaborative community watershed group.


Meridian’s subcontractor, Rosemary Romero Consulting, took the lead on the project, facilitating periodic meetings among a diverse array of stakeholders, including members of the general public; water users; private landowners; local, state, and federal officials; environmental group representatives; ranchers and farmers; teachers; students; and local businesspeople.

Under Ms. Romero’s guidance, a multi-stakeholder group formed to develop a Watershed Restoration Action Strategy, identify a range of projects, and develop a successful outreach and education plan.

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