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Meridian Institute

Using Remote Sensing to Empower the Public to Address Water Pollution

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

‚ÄčOn September 14-16 2016, Meridian convened and facilitated a workshop designed to generate ideas about how researchers, technology companies, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and philanthropic organizations can collaborate to rapidly advance the use of remote sensing to address pollution in U.S. inland surface waters. Participants included experts from academia, federal and state agencies, NGOs, and private business, as well as foundation representatives. The purpose of the workshop was to lay the groundwork for working toward a larger goal of empowering conservation NGOs to make better use of remote sensing data to achieve water resource protection objectives. The effort was co-sponsored by the Pisces Foundation, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread, McKnight Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation.


In addition, Meridian conducted follow-on work in collaboration with Pisces Foundation to continue raising awareness  and foster a community of practice among key stakeholders interested in the development and deployment of advanced water quality monitoring technologies.






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