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Meridian Institute

Workshop on Overcoming Institutional Barriers to Potable Water Reuse

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

Meridian Institute provided stakeholder outreach, facilitation, and report writing support for a workshop focused on identifying strategies for overcoming institutional barriers to potable water reuse. The workshop, held in October 2017, examined the financial, organizational, governance, legal, regulatory, political, and sociological barriers to reuse.

For this workshop, a diverse group of utility managers, technical experts, advocates, and regulators came together to identify creative solutions, with the goal of accelerating the mainstreaming of potable reuse in the United States. The final report, Mainstreaming Potable Water Reuse in the United States: Strategies for Leveling the Playing Field, aims to is intended to  developed from the discussions will inform both the ongoing dialogue about potable water reuse, as well as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s and other agencies’ understanding of the complexities of existing institutional barriers. Meridian worked with U.S. EPA Region 9, ReNUWIt, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread, and Paradigm Environmental on this project.

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